5 Lodges

Section G10 includes Blue Ox, Kon Wapos, Ni-Sanak-Tani, Otyokwa, and Tom Kita Chara lodges

3 States

Cheerfully serving Arrowmen in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula

2,500 Members

We serve 2,500 Order of the Arrow members throughout our five lodges

Section Conclave

Join us in 2022 for Section Conclave at Crystal Lake Scout Reservation!

Section Trading Post

Survey our finest wares 24/7 at tp.sectiong10.org

Winter Council of Chiefs

Join us for the 2023 Winter Council of Chiefs to begin planning our annual Section Conclave at the Kalahari Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells

Spring Council of Chiefs

Join us for the 2023 Spring Council of Chiefs & ACT Conference at L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation to finalize plans for Section Conclave and learn useful skills for our lodge and chapter. Info and registration will be available at the Winter Council of Chiefs in January.